4 Advanced Technology Devices Announced in 2019

Humans today seem to be facilitated by technology. From the start of waking up it seems that humans cannot be released from smartphones to communicate, surf the internet, and use other sophisticated applications.

Not only smartphones, now many sophisticated devices are present. These tools are quite unique and help human activities. Here are some new device discoveries in 2019.

1. OraSaifu

This device is a solution to put the card in one digital container. You do this by scanning your physical card (for example ATM) later the card will switch to the device digitally.

The tool can be used anywhere. OraSaifu can be used to pay, open doors, and even exchange business cards. this is also reportedly safe, users can delete data remotely when losing a device. Then the tool will also be blocked if a password error 5x. The tool has a 4 inch screen that is equipped with a retina screen.

2. Sleeping Bracelet

This bracelet is equipped with vibrasmart Technology to provide a better sleep experience on the first three days of use. To improve sleep quality. This tool is also able to detect one's sleep cycle by connecting a smartphone.

3. Sonic Beer

Sonic Beer is a tool that is able to revitalize beer. When someone drinks beer, the foam will disappear slowly, followed by the aroma and taste that also repeats. Beer foam is a natural layer of defense that protects it from oxidation and maintains volatility.

Sonic Beer has the technology to produce ultrasonic waves that stimulate carbonated volatile components in cavitation birds to break some intramolecular interactions, producing foam with aromatic compounds in just a few seconds.

4. Fanstereo Nubump VDA

This tool is a smart speaker that can also be used as a virtual assistant. The tool can accept requests like a Google assistant like opening Instagram, playing music, and many things.

Apart from that the device also has several technological advantages over other smart speakers, which have a wireless distance of 100 feet or 30, 48 meters. Then it has 18 hours of battery life and a lifetime guarantee. The size is not too big like a smartphone.

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