Caviar Recommends the iPhone 11 Pro for Rp 1 Billion

Caviar introduced the gold-plated iPhone 11 Pro to the public. Reporting from the GSMArena page, this time Caviar brought the theme of the solar system to beautify the look of the iPhone 11 Pro that it carries. Caviar also has a very impressive variant, Solarius. This variant comes with 18 carat gold weighing 500 grams on the back of his cellphone.

Caviar is said to be making the iPhone 11 Pro the most expensive iPhone phone, because the device is priced at a very fantastic price. Ie USD 70,000 or around Rp 980 million.

Caviar also offers an iPhone 11 Pro variant with 512GB internal. For the 512GB variant, you have to spend even more because Caviar sells the variant at a price of USD 71,520 or more than IDR 1 billion.

For fans who don't want their cellphones to be coated in gold, Caviar also offers several other variants, such as Mars, Terra, and Luna. All three use stones that are actually derived from celestial bodies such as Mars, Tsarev, or the Moon.

The price offered is also cheaper than Solarius, which is USD 8,100 and USD 8,260. All devices offered by Caviar also have certificates from the Fersman Mineralogical Museum, which is one of the largest museums in the world, located in Moscow, Russia. (one / opi)

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