China Limit Playing Games

The Chinese government makes strict rules regarding online video games. The Bamboo Curtain country strictly forbids their children from playing online video games at night. The prohibition is outlined in a law (UU). The purpose of the issuance of the Act is to reduce the time to use a device in response to the growing concern over the effects of gaming addiction.

The law contains three main points. First, the Chinese government has raised concerns about the increasing number of video game addictions among children. Second, the new rules will limit playing time and how much money can be put into a game account. Third, the government will implement a registration system that uses gamers' real names to verify their age

Under the new rules, children under the age of 18 will be banned from playing online games between 10:00 and 8:00 a.m. and playing time is limited to only 90 minutes on weekdays.

These play time restrictions will be extended to three hours on weekends and holidays. For minors, special restrictions are also applied related to the duration of playing online games.

Whereas gamers between the ages of eight and 16 will be allowed to add a maximum of 200 yuan, or about Rp. 581 thousand per month to their game account. While those aged between 16 and 18 will be limited to 400 yuan.

The Chinese government will also implement a registration system using real names and force companies to verify the age of gamers against a national database, in an effort to stop children from using their parents' identities to register game accounts. Licensees that don't comply with the law will be revoked.

A Chinese government spokesman told the Xinhua news agency, the measures were issued in response to concerns about video game addiction for minors and their impact on their physical and mental health and learning. The Chinese state-owned news agency said that the country had become one of the biggest mobile game markets in the world.

The World Health Organization officially classified video game addiction as a disorder in April. Australian behavior experts report an explosion in the number of young children addicted to video games.

Families in Australia are also looking for ways to overcome video game addictions, while the Game Aware service provider company is based

Melbourne, a course that teaches "smart dealing with online games", tries to help gamers to ensure that playing online games is still just a hobby and not addictive.

Researchers at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have shown that video games do have many positive effects, make gamers feel competent and help build social connections. (one / opi)

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