CXA Group Uses AI Technology and Big Data Employee Health Control

With the development of today, technology makes human work and life easier. Digital technology has also been adopted by several companies today. Like CXA Group which is an insurance company engaged in the field of health technology.

"First, we are a company engaged in the field of technology, B2B leads to companies but later those who use (CXA platform) personally, for example, I am a bank employee getting access to the platform. In the portal there are 65 days to choose what is like health, there are health reviews and recommendations buy some health goods, "said Sam Darmawan Country Head of CXA Indonesia when met by Okezone in Jakarta, Monday (5/27/2019).

As for the portal, an employee can access their health data in realtime both on the Website, Android, and iOS. Sam also gives an example of how the CXA platform works, first there is a wellness feature that provides several health recommendations and employee health records.

Employees will be given a number of questions such as a few hours of sleep, smoking is not there and many more later the platform will give some lights such as red emergency signs and some health recommendations.

"Take a photo clicked inside, I answer lifestyle questions later on the results will be at the age of how there will be facial changes and such as health recommendations and others," Sam said.

"So more precisely we are the first company in Asia that is engaged in this field. We are digitizing it from paper to digital," he said.

In the platform there will also be a lifestyle and virtual doctor, employees can choose several health devices to be purchased according to the balance they have.

"In addition, Health Screening conducted by employees with our cooperation vendors can also be seen from there, there will be a complete body check there such as liver, hypertension, bone and many more depending on the check," explained Sam.

According to Sam, the potential market for the technology he applied was banking and technology companies.

"Banking and technology nurture more employees. So, we provide more funds for this insurance. If we give an HR, we will also access it, so that he can see the whole. Like employees who lack nutrition can be detected," he explained.

CXA Group first arrived in Singapore in 2013 and already has around 500 companies in Singapore. Aside from Singapore, CXA is also present in Hong Kong and China. For this year, CXA is expanding in three countries Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The mission of this company is to improve the prevention of the health risks of employees using AI technology and Big Data.

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