Finding IoT Solutions through Competitions

Bosch, a leading global technology and service provider company, is holding the peak of the Internet of Things (IoT) development competition in Indonesia, titled Bosch IoT Hackathon 2019. "The purpose of this competition is to foster, promote and support the innovation of digital smart young people by challenging them to develop IoT solutions using Bosch XDK, "explained Andrew Powell, managing director of Bosch in Indonesia. Bosch strives to find new local IoT solutions in the fields of smart manufacturing, smart mobility, smart cities, smart agriculture or aquaculture, as well as solutions that bring positive environmental and social impacts.

With more than 140 million internet users, the IoT market in Indonesia is estimated to be worth USD 30 billion (IDR 444 trillion) in 2022. IoT itself is one of the key technological advancements to support the implementation of industry 4.0 in Indonesia, an initiative to help realize the country's vision of becoming one of the top ten economies at the global level.

At the peak of the Hackathon competition, 10 teams competed to present their ideas. Their ideas include a system for monitoring coffee bean processing, automatic fish feed equipment, vibration sensor and engine temperature sensor, and an urban air pollution mapping system.

During the peak of the Hackathon competition, all finalists worked with Bosch XDK, a sensor-based prototype platform equipped with hardware and software for fast programming and configuration. XDK combines various MEMS sensors with a microcontroller.

ARM Cortex M3 processors are able to analyze, process and transmit sensor data they need. XDK is easily connected to other devices such as PCs or cellular devices, via USB, Bluetooth or wireless networks. Because of its small size - and includes a battery, XDK can be attached to objects of various sizes. Thus, the finalists can easily adapt in using Bosch XDK without significant technical obstacles, so they can focus on developing their ideas.

"Our hope is that Bosch's move can encourage creative and innovative young Indonesians to explore unique Indonesian solutions, and, most importantly, turn their ideas into connected solutions for the future," concluded Powell. (and / opi)

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