IG Introduces Anti-Bullying Stickers

Instagram continues to be committed to fighting bullying in cyberspace. The commitment was again shown by introducing a new sticker. Citing official statement from Instagram on Thursday (10/24), this short photo and video sharing platform would like to express support for those Instagram users.

"Instagram hopes this sticker can help prevent someone from experiencing and seeing bullying behavior on Instagram, and encourage positive behavior and interaction on their services," Instagram said in its official statement.

When users see this sticker on Stories, they can tap on the sticker to read messages from Instagram, about bullying. The content of the message is Instagram opposing online bullying, because what people say online can also hurt offline. "Help us keep Instagram safe by using these stickers to oppose harassment, support friends, or spread positive things on Instagram," Instagram said.

To use this sticker, users can open Stories, take a photo or video, then visit the sticker gallery on Instagram Stories.

This new sticker will complete Instagram's collection of anti-bullying stickers, Create Don't Hate, which was previously launched last August. (uta / opi)

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