iOS 13.2 Launch with Deep Fusion

Apple finally rolled out the latest operating system for its devices, iPhone and iPad. The Cupertino-based company has just launched iOS 13.2 and iPad OS 13.2.

As usual, this brand-new operating system comes with a number of the latest features. Quoted from Tech Crunch, Thursday (10/31), one of the newer features that are expected in iOS 13.2 is the presence of Deep Fusion.

Keep in mind, Deep Fusion is a feature specifically available for the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11. Armed with this feature, the latest iPhone series shots will appear more neat, because Apple uses machine learning-based image processing.

In addition, with the release of iOS 13.2, users can also change the resolution and frame rate for video recording functions directly from the Camera application. Turning to the security side, Apple also allows users to delete search history or commands via Siri. This function comes after Apple was previously revealed to use a third party to hear user activity on Siri.

In addition, iOS 13.2 also brings a number of new emojis, because this operating system already supports Unicode 12.0. This line of emojis includes people in wheelchairs, artificial arms and arms, to new faces or food options.

For those who want to try out this operating system, users can immediately update it by accessing the Settings application. To prevent problems, before you make an update, there is no harm in backing up first. (uta / opi)

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