Jack Production with Cobot

Universal Robots (UR) is helping Vinacomin Motor Industry Joint Stock Company (VMIC), a subsidiary of the Vinacomin Group which is also a coal and mining giant owned by the Vietnamese government, to get ready for the future of production with collaborative robots (collaborative robots). VMIC, one of the first SOEs to use Cobot, has seen productivity increases of two to three times, as well as improved product quality that has triggered a 50 percent increase in orders.

Darrell Adams, Head of Southeast Asia & Oceania, Universal Robots said, "Cobot continues to provide huge benefits to businesses in Southeast Asia in changing manufacturing processes and staying competitive. VMIC, for example, has automated processes that were once very manual, so that they can now enjoy high productivity and better quality results. "

UR is at the forefront of Cobot technology. In Indonesia, UR accelerates the transition to smarter production and sustainable growth for various businesses. JVC Electronics Indonesia (JEIN) for example, has increased productivity, yield quality and worker safety, with annual cost savings of more than USD 80,000.

This triggers greater adoption of COBOT technology because the company realizes the great potential of automation. "In Indonesia, cobot is used in the automotive, electronics, textile, pharmaceutical, footwear and food processing industries," Adams added.

Robot adoption began to strengthen in Indonesia. According to the International Federation of Robotics, Indonesia is ranked 26th in the world for the use of operational robots. Last year, Indonesia registered 8,655 robots, up 9 percent from the previous 7,913 units in 2017. The automotive industry is the largest user in Indonesia, noting that robot purchases reached 29 percent of all transactions in 2018, followed by the electronics industry by 12 percent. (uta / opi)

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