NASA Makes Electric Power Plane

The United States space agency NASA is famous for their space missions. Not only that, NASA also paid attention to the future aircraft that use electricity.

Reporting from the Reuters website, NASA exhibited an initial version of the first electric experimental aircraft, the X-57 Maxwell on Friday (8/11) local time. Adapted from the Tecnam P2006T twin-engine propeller aircraft made in Italy, the X-57 has been developed since 2015.

It takes at least one more year from the first flight test in the sky above the Edward Air Force Base. After pairing two of the 14 electric motors that will drive the aircraft, powered by specially designed lithium ion batteries, NASA considers Maxwell ready for the first public preview.

NASA also exhibited a newly built simulator that allowed engineers, and pilots to feel what it was like to maneuver a finished version of the X-57 in flight, even while the aircraft was still under development. (one / opi)

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