PS5 Priced at Rp. 7 Million

Sony has confirmed that their brand-new console, Play Station (PS) 5 will be launched in the holiday season in 2020. Although it is still released next year, many gamers are curious about the price of the PS5 when it is launched later.

Leaked information about the latest PS5 prices come from one of the online shops in Slovakia.

Reporting from the Gamerant page, Monday (10/21), a shop in Slovakia named Progamingshop registered a PS5 for EUR 499, or if it's paid around Rp. 7.8 million. If this is true, then the price of the PS5 that will be announced in 2020 is more expensive at Rp. 800 thousand than the initial price of PS4 in Indonesia.

Information, the PS4 is sold at a price range of Rp. 7 million when officially launched in Indonesia. Interestingly, the product information page on Progamingshop's online site also details the PS5 launch date.

The PS5 launch date listed on the webpage is December 4, 2020, which according to Sony's previous statement. If you remember, December 4 was the date when Sony launched their first console in 1994, PS1.

Keep in mind, it is still unknown how and why this retail store can get access to prices and launch dates for the PS5 a year earlier than specified. Chances are, the store only wrote down the price information and launch date of the PS5 based on information already circulating on the internet at this time. (uta / opi)

Snapdragon 865 Tenagai Titanium M6

Qualcomm plans to announce the presence of Snapdragon 865 in November. However, a luxury smartphone company from China, 8848 has announced that it will make a smartphone with a Snapdragon 865 chipset. The smartphone's name is 8848 Titanium M6 5G. In addition to carrying the 5G technology, this series will become the world's first smartphone that uses a Snapdragon 865 processor.

Reporting from the Gizchina website, the new Snapdragon 865 itself will be available in the flagship smartphone series next year. However, 8848 first announced the device that uses Qualcomm's chipset.

In terms of other specifications, this smartphone will carry a 6.01-inch AMOLED screen. Meanwhile, the company embeds 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage media, a very large capacity for a smartphone. On the camera, Titanium M6 5G will come with a 6MP main camera capable of capturing photos up to 100MP relying on advanced interpolation technology. (uta / opi)

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