The Realm of Divorced Planning with Oppo

 Realm seems to want to escape the shadow of Oppo. Realme, which has been playing the role of the Oppo sub-brand, is currently planning to spin off or separate from its parent.

That possibility will be realized if the business scale realm continues to grow. That statement was made by Chung Hsiang-we, Chief Commercial Officer of Realme Taiwan, quoted from Digitimes, Friday (11/29/2019).

For now, Oppo and Realme still share resources. But in addition, at the same time, Realme has formed its own R&D team and is expected to build its own ecosystems and production lines.

If Oppo-Realme really separates, then this follows in the footsteps of other mobile manufacturers who have already done so, for example Xiaomi with Redmi and Huawei with Honor. But actually, they remain in the same parent company.

Realme has been established since 2018. Now this one vendor has become one of the top five brands for online sales in the Indian market and has also made a breakthrough in more than 20 countries, including Indonesia, Spain and Russia.

In terms of marketing strategies, Oppo and Realme do not play a role to complement each other in the market, but rather target different market segments. Chung said that 60% of Oppo users are women, while 60% of Realme handset owners are men.

Chung said that Oppo is migrating to the premium segment, while Realme tends towards models that focus more on technology and fashion. Chung also said that Realme wants to enter the wireless headset market.

Realme is currently preparing another major project, launching a 5G phone with attractive price appeal. The device was waved in Taiwan in the second quarter of 2020.

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