UK Sends Robot Rover to the Moon

Britain will send a robotic rover vehicle for the first time for the country to the moon in 2021. The shape is a small robot that uses legs and only weighs 1.5 kilograms (kg).

This mission, if successful, will make Britain the fourth country to send a rover to the month after America, Russia and China. This mini robot was created and designed by a British startup, SpaceBit. "Our mission there is to find out if there is anything that can be explored for all humanity," Pavlo Tanasyuk, founder of Spacebit, was quoted as saying on The Sun's website.

SpaceBit has partnered with a US company named Astrobotic. This robot will later provide HD video and 3D scans of the Moon area by using sensors that have been made for him.

The SpaceBit rover can withstand temperatures up to 130 Celsius, and as low as -130 Celsius. But in the end, the robot will freeze on the cold surface of the moon. "The mission will spend up to 10 days on the moon before finally freezing forever," Pavlo said. "This mission will produce the first charge from Britain to reach the surface of the moon and mark the start of a new era in commercial space exploration for Britain," he added.

It is expected that the robotic rover landed on the lunar surface in June or July 2021. Previously, the most recent country trying to land on the moon was India on the Chandrayaan 2 mission. Unfortunately just before landing, their rover ran aground. (kho / opi)

Boeing-Porsche Develops Flying Cars

The aircraft company Boeing is now cooperating with the Porsche automotive company to work on the electric-based flying car project. This futuristic car is expected to become a mode of transportation in urban areas.

Quoted from the Reuters website, as part of the agreement, Boeing and Porsche will analyze the market potential for premium air vehicles and their possible use in densely populated cities and metropolises.

"Porsche wants to increase its scope as a sports car manufacturer by becoming a leading brand for premium mobility. In the long run, this could mean moving to the third travel dimension," Detlev von Platen, a member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing at Porsche AG, was quoted as saying. company official statement.

Boeing, Porsche, and Boeing's subsidiary, Aurora Flight Sciences, developed an electric flying car project capable of takeoff and vertical landing. Engineers from both companies, as well as Porsche's subsidiaries, Porsche Engineering Services GmbH and Studio F. Porsche, will implement and test the prototype.

"This collaboration builds on our efforts to develop a new safe and efficient mobility ecosystem, and provides an opportunity to investigate the development of premium urban air mobility vehicles with leading automotive brands," said Steve Nordlund, Vice President and General Manager of Boeing NeXt.

Porsche and Boeing, Steve continued, "Together bring precision engineering, style and innovation to accelerate urban air mobility throughout the world." The purpose of Porsche is to build flying cars that can be used as taxis and also ride sharing based transportation. (uta / opi)

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