WhatsApp New Feature, Delete Automatic Messages

WhatsApp is developing a very important new feature, which will change the way people use WhatsApp, the automatic message delete feature.

Quoted from NDTV Gadgets, Wednesday (11/27/2019), WhatsApp has just released a beta update for Android. In this version, the automatic message delete feature already exists.

This feature, originally called Disappearing Messages, allows WhatsApp users to delete messages automatically after some time. Currently, the latest version of WhatsApp beta, the feature was renamed Delete Messages and has also been implemented in Dark Mode which is also still under development.

Delete Messages so far is also still under development. So, you will not see it even though you have updated the latest version of WhatsApp beta.

The latest WhatsApp Android beta is available in version 2.19.348. This update can be installed via the Google Play beta program or can also be via side load using the APK from the APK mirror.

The Delete Messages feature is available in Contact Info or Group Settings and can only be activated by the admin. Delete Messages allows users to set how long a message will last before being deleted automatically, can be in a matter of hours, days, weeks, months and even years.

This option will change when the feature is released for the full version. But so far, there is no information when the feature is present in the stable version (full version).

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