Try Mate 30 Pro without Google Applications, How It Feels

Even without Google Mobile Services, Huawei still released Mate 30 Pro in Indonesia. For me, which has almost all of its data stored on Google, this kind of cellphone is actually a device that would be very annoying to be used as an everyday cellphone.

Even so, I'm still curious. Can I still 'fast' from Google services when using Mate 30 Pro. Let's look at the discussion below.

As an everyday cellphone, of course the first thing to do is to move all data, from the most important things such as contacts and chat backups, core applications that are needed everyday, and hopefully can move photos that are already on old phones.

Unfortunately, transferring the data, even though it is technically possible - some cannot - the process is not as easy if the cell phone is supported by GMS. The process of moving contacts can be done when you first activate Mate 30 Pro, by installing the Phone Clone application from an old cellphone, which will move all contacts from the old cellphone to Mate 30 Pro.

The problem arises when I want to move photos from an old cell phone. I use Google Photos to backup photos from all devices used, and of course, the Photos application cannot be used on Mate 30 Pro. As a result to access photos I have to open Photos via a browser, which is certainly not as comfortable as using an application.

Problem applications, I would not expect all applications from old phones can be installed on Mate 30 Pro. But at least the application that I use most often every day can be installed on Mate 30 Pro. The choice of this application may be different for each person, but at least maybe this can give a little picture for those of you who are interested in buying Mate 30 Pro.

Huawei provides applications from AppGallery - a kind of Play Store version of Huawei. But the applications that are there are still very minimal. Almost all of my applications are downloaded from sites like APK Mirror, which are not only troublesome, but also have unclear security.

The following are applications that can run normally or operate with a little trick in Mate 30 Pro.

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