Twitter Starts Sending Threats to Inactive Users

A few days ago, Twitter gave a warning announcement where on December 11th they would delete accounts that had been inactive for a long time.

These accounts will be deleted if the user has not signed in for more than 6 months.

"As part of our commitment to serving public conversation, we clean up inactive accounts to display people and information more accurately that users can trust. Part of this effort is to encourage users to actively log in to their accounts," Twitter spokesman said as quoted by The Verge.

It says Twitter, they have begun to proactively reach many accounts that have not logged in to Twitter for more than six months to let them know, that their accounts might be permanently deleted because they are not continuously active.

Before being permanently deleted by Twitter, they have sent a message via email to each user, so they can keep in mind whether they want to keep their account active on Twitter.

"Hello, to continue using Twitter, you must agree to the terms, privacy policy and current use of cookies. This not only allows you to make the best decision about information shared with us but also allows you to continue to use your Twitter account. But first, you You must log in and follow the instructions on the screen before December 11, 2019. If not, your account will be deleted from Twitter, "wrote a Twitter message.

The deletion of this account will not be carried out directly on December 11, 2019 but in stages. And for bot accounts it is said that Twitter will not be deleted as long as it is still actively logging in and posting tweet.

On the other hand, this clean-up action is an opportunity for those of you who have long been eyeing certain Twitter account names. Because, these accounts may be available for use after Twitter deletes old accounts that are no longer active.

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