Upgrade to Galaxy Note10 | 10+, Feel the Experience of Being the Powerful Generation

The average Indonesian takes 14 days to make a decision to buy a new smartphone. Since it was introduced in New York on August 7, currently Galaxy Note10 | 10+ has been present in Indonesia and can be obtained officially by consumers. The right time to decide on upgrading old devices and experience the most reliable powerphone today, The Most Powerful Galaxy Note10 | 10+.

Google research "Android Path to Purchase" from 2018, shows that smartphone buyers in Indonesia primarily look for speed, battery life, and memory capacity when deciding to buy a smartphone.

The Galaxy Note9 is known for its All Day Battery capability thanks to the 4,000mAh battery capacity. On the Galaxy Note10 +, users can feel a more powerful smartphone to support their daily life thanks to the 4,300mAh battery with the support of the Super Fast Charging feature up to 45W, user activity is not hampered because of the ability to charge the battery for all-day use, can be charged for approximately 30 minutes .

Unmatched Performance For Powerful Users

Note Loyalists use their Smartphones to do everything - not just to do daily work, but when involved in large projects: running a business, editing videos for social media, creating beautiful illustrations using S Pen. To help them do everything, the Galaxy Note10 was created with classy hardware and next level features.

Super Fast Charging: With only 30 minutes of charging, the Galaxy Note10 + can last all day, with wired charging capability up to 45W.

Wireless PowerShare: Wireless PowerShare is now available on Note. Users can charge wirelessly for Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, or other devices that have been Qi-Enabled with Galaxy Note10.

Gaming: As more and more mobile games require high processing and graphics, the best gaming experience requires the best specifics. The Galaxy Note10 features the world's thinnest vapor chamber cooling system, which provides optimal performance during game play while keeping the device sleek and sleek.

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